Business Type:Manufacturer

Location:Weifang City, Shandong Province, China
Main Products:PVC mannequuin head, PU and Cork canvas block head
Total Employees:60 employees
Total Annual Revenue:two million
Year Established:2009
Main Market:America, Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia


Weifang JDSX industry and trade Co.,Ltd, the largest professional mannequin head manufacturer  in domestic and worldwide, is highly recognized as the company that distributes the best quality manikins to the market. We have been developing our own enterprises silently these years. Developing step by step from a small factory , till now we could produce 500,000 pieces mannequin heads per year. Informed by our passion for mannequin head, and guided by our commitment to our loyal following, we aim to reliably deliver our superior products with unparalleled service.

Our mannequin heads are used environmentalfriendly material, new technology and advanced equipment. We are one of few manufacturers which is capable of designing and creating products from mold manufacturing to producing and delivering on its own. It guarantees the quality of the product and trade secrets of our customers. With years of development and experience, the company products are keeping ahead in quality, style, make-up etc. Now we have long cooperationwith the hair business leaders in the words for years.

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